Saturday, February 8th at 10:00 am

 2012-2013 Work and Puerto Rico 100

Limestone Valley RC&D Council is leading a tree planting event to improve the vegetative buffer or riparian zone along Lookout Creek and complement a grant-funded effort to improve the water quality in the Lookout Creek Watershed.  Riparian zones along creeks are important for a number of reasons including increased streambank stability and filtration of pollutants, as well as improved water quality.

Along with Limestone Valley RC&D Council, members of Dade County 4-H, Georgia Forestry Commission, and Trenton Tree City will likely assist with the event.  300 white oaks, red oaks, persimmons, and dogwoods will be planted along the creek to improve the stability of the banks of Lookout Creek, as well as the local aesthetics near Sitton’s Mill.

Shovels and a few dibbles, specifically designed to plant trees, will be available for use by volunteers, although volunteers are encouraged to bring their own if possible.  The event will surely be cold so volunteers are reminded to dress warm.

 If you would like to sign up to plant trees as a volunteer,

 please contact Dan Huser of Limestone Valley RC&D Council at (423) 544-9076 or