NRCS Outreach

Limestone Valley recently partnered on another NRCS Outreach grant.  The partners included African American Farmers, Inc., the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission, Rolling Hills RC&D, Two Rivers RC&D, Upper Ocmulgee RC&D, USDA Farm Services Agency, USDA NRCS, and USDA Rural Development.  The purpose of the grant was to put together a USDA Programs Overview powerpoint, create instructional videos, powerpoints, and pamphlets for farmers installing best management practices (BMPs), conduct a series of outreach workshops to generate greater participation and implementation of NRCS technical and financial assistance, and print out the Georgia Agricultural Landowner’s Guides to be placed in all USDA Service Centers within Georgia.  Limestone Valley’s role in this partnership was to put together instructional “How-To” pamphlets for farmers working on the following BMPs: alternative watering systems, fencing, heavy use areas, hoop houses, and stream crossings. These pictorial installation guides are available in pdf format below.  Limestone Valley was also responsible for publishing 1,500 landowner guides to be placed in USDA Service Centers throughout the state.  The outreach associated with this grant was targeted for beginning farmers, limited resource farmers, minority contractors, minority farmers, non-traditional producers, organic farmers, small-scale farmers, and other groups that have been characterized as underserved.

2012-2013 Work and Puerto Rico 085

The picture above shows a heavy use area with an alternative watering system on it.  Limestone Valley will be creating instructional “How-To” pamphlets for farmers installing these BMPs.


Heavy Use Area Installation Guide

High Tunnel Installation Guide

Stream Crossing Installation Guide

Watering Facility and Pipeline Installation Guide

Fence Installation Guide

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