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Limestone Valley RC & D has received a Rural Development Grant designed to help Georgia poultry farmers implement Energy Audits. Each Energy Audit will meet the standard for the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Agriculture Energy Management Plan (AgEMP). By meeting this standard, producers will be eligible to apply for funding through Rural development’s REAP program, as well as the NRCS EQIP program.

The program covers the majority (75%) of costs for the energy audits. Upon completion of the energy Audit each producer will be billed by Limestone Valley for the producers portion of the cost ($497). Payment will be due from producers within 30 days after the energy audit is completed.

Limestone Valley RC & D implements energy audits through work with a contractor, EnSave. EnSave has over 25 years experience in providing agricultural energy audits. They conduct phone interviews as well as onsite visits in order to collect the data needed to generate the energy audit.

Limestone Valley RC & D will be accepting applications from 18 counties in North Georgia for this program. It is likely that producers will be able to save on electrical and gas usage through implementing energy improvements highlighted in these energy audits. The Counties served by this program are: Dade, Catoosa, Walker, Chattooga, Floyd, Polk, Paulding, Bartow, Gordon, Whitfield, Murray, Gilmer, Pickens, Cherokee, Fannin, Union, Towns, and Rabun.



1. Apply for the program

2. Complete energy audit ranking questionnaire

Upon selection for the program:

1. Ensave will send you a letter and request 1 year past utility bills

2. Return forms and bills

3. Ensave will conduct a phone interview with you

4. Ensave will conduct a site visit, while you do not have birds

5. Ensave will generate the Energy Audit report

6. Limestone Valley will send you a bill for 25% of the cost of the Audit


For additional information please contact:

Stephen Bontekoe

Office: 706-657-4174

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