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September 2012 Quarterly Newsletter…

Limestone Valley has had a lot going on in the last few months.  Here goes our attempt to describe what went on in relation to our Clean Water Act Projects….

For the Conasauga River Watershed Project:

  • We worked very hard on the final report to be submitted very soon. 

For the South Chickamauga Headwaters Project: 

  • We finished our fecal coliform sampling to see if the main four tributaries could be de-listed. 
  • We gathered the parcel data to prioritize potential landowners for projects according to proximity to streams.
  • We sent out letters to farm-owners along the creeks of the watershed.
  • We conducted the first site visits with NRCS for farm-owners interested in BMPs.
  • We further investigated potential tree-planting events, in addition to other volunteer events.

For the Coahulla Creek Watershed Project: 

  • We continued monthly sampling for fecal coliform bacteria counts and total suspended solids at eight sites within the watershed.
  • We acquired historical water quality data from GA EPD and Dalton Utilities.
  • We started on the Coahulla Creek Watershed Management Plan draft.
  • We figured out who would make up the majority of the Watershed Advisory Committee.
  • We assisted Murray County 4H with H20 Camp in the greater Conasauga River Watershed.  This included an Adopt-A-Stream Chemical Sampling Workshop and a canoe cleanup event on the Conasauga River.
  • We began planning for the Fall Stream Cleanup Event.

For the Salacoa Creek Watershed Project: 

  • We wrote a Targeted Water Quality Monitoring Plan to describe our sampling efforts associated with the project.
  • We began sampling for fecal coliform bacteria counts, TSS, and several other parameters within the watershed at several sites.
  • We began researching information related to the project.
  • We led a paddling event that recruited stakeholders to the Watershed Advisory Committee.

Coahulla 021

Cost-Shares on Agricultural Projects Available in the South Chickamauga Headwaters Project Area…

Cost-shares are now available for agricultural BMPs likely to improve water quality in the South Chickamauga Headwaters Project Area (depicted below).  The cost-shares will fund 60% of the cost of projects.  People of all income levels are generally eligible assuming they are in the watershed and have projects in mind that will result in improved quality of runoff and water quality improvement in blue-line streams in the watershed.  Projects that are generally acceptable include access control for livestock, alternative watering systems, cross-fencing to subdivide grazing paddocks, heavy use areas for winter feeding, stream crossings for livestock, as well as others.  We will be working closely with the NRCS to ensure only the highest quality projects are planned and completed.  In all, we hope to help cost-share on at least 5 agricultural projects featuring various BMPs by the close of 2013.  If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Josh Smith at (423) 309-2630 or jsmith.lvrcd@gmail.com.

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